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Want to climb among the PRO ranks and need the coach?


How do you work with athletes?
Cooperation with pro triathletes combines both remote communication (regular contact by email and phone, delivery of individual training plans to be implemented by the athletes themselves) and group trainings during camps and consultations. As this project evolves, I will strive to create such an environment enabling to complete as much triathlon training as possible with the group, stationary or in camps. In the 2016/2017 season I expect at least 75 days of "camp availability".

What do you expect from your athletes?
Most of all I expect full commitment, readiness to do hard and systematic work, and regular stepping out of your comfort zone. What is more, generally you simply have to like training and competition. I am interested in working with athletes with a long-term perspective, which would like to cooperate with me for at least two to three seasons. As a coach I demand absolute honesty and always respecting fair play rules.

And what about the sports level?
I do realize that in Poland there are not many athletes who could realistically think of winning the Ironman competition or qualifying to the Olympic games. My offer is addressed not only to athletes representing a high sports level but mainly to those who would like to represent such level in a few years' time: ambitious age-groupers, athletes from youth categories, swimmers or runners who consider turning to triathlons. If you believe that you could become a world-class triathlete, feel free to contact me. 

How to start cooperation?
Just use the contact form. Tell me why you want to join the project and write a few words about yourself, your achievements and future plans. I will answer for sure :)
123Photo: Magdalena Warzybok